I have been dating my boyfriend for 6months now. We have been good friends for almost 4yrs b4 we stared dating. We are very much in love. We both graduated from schl a while back and he got a job while we r awaiting
nysc. He is the one that's bn taking care of his own finances evn on campus. He is quite hardworking too and takes care of some of his siblings. I understand perfectly, and I try not to make demands at all. I'm quite comfortable.

The problem is, my bf is always edgy and touchy when he is broke. We don't stay around each other, but I try to spend a weekend hanging out with him evry month since we left schl. Even when we are just communicating on phone, I know when he is broke. Its always bad. Attimes he just ignores me or passes a comment that's really depressing. When he comes around, he always aplogizes and returns to his sweet and loving self. At those times when he is broke, he won't take anytin from me or allow me help him out. I try to send sms, and assure him that evrytin will be fine but he doesn't want me to evn interfere. I don't know what to do or how to act each time he is in that state. I go thru personal challenges, but I try to act normal and explain to him and he helps out when he can. He advices me a lot too.
Is something wrong, or am I just being paranoid? Or is it just the male ego thing?

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